P-795-5 str 5″ Curved Hemostats


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Very practical and useful. Assured firm 2-stage clamping for hundreds of uses, such as: clamp off tubing in medical environments, pet hair removal, first aid kit accessory, for a multitude of hobby projects, doll making, pulling jammed materials from devices, sewing kits, locksmith work, clamping and holding small parts involving tedious work.

Great for selling at: Hobby and Craft Stores, Online Stores, Trade Shows, Tool and Hardware Stores, Convenient Stores, Fishing Tackle Stores, Sporting Goods Stores, Nurses Uniform Shops, Hardware Stores.

• 2-Stage Self-Locking
• Curved Jaws
• Stainless Steel
• Length : 5″
• Non-Sterile Industrial Grade
• Packing: Plastic Pouch


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